Prepare your child for Kindergarten…

The Seven Domains of Kindergarten Readiness

Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR)

What are the Seven Domains of Kindergarten Readiness?

I have put the seven domains in this list below.  They are not in any particular order…we teach our preschoolers by following the domains everyday using curriculum that also focuses on the domains


Personal and Social Development: The child gets along with others; follows rules; and starts, works on, and finishes an activity.  We do our work everyday and do our best to finish it. We are kind to others and love one another. 


Language and Literacy: The child talks and listens to others; speaks clearly; understands stories; loves books; identifies letter-sound connections; and begins to write letters and words. We listen to our teacher when she is talking so others can hear too! When we listen we will learn! 


The child sorts things by color and shape; can count; recognizes simple patterns; and can describe shapes.  We calculate and sort…We use our brains… 


The child starts to understand rules and reasons for them; likes to explore natural and physical phenomena; talks about how things are alike or different; and is able to observe and describe properties of objects (texture, weight, temperature, etc.). We explore and wonder about our world!!! 


The child talks about him/her self, family, and/or the community; recognizes that people are similar or different; and understands why there are rules. When we follow the rules we are safe!!!  


The child learns skills and appreciation for drawings and paintings, dance, and music; and creates “make-believe” characters and scenes. 


Physical Development: The child runs, jumps, and/or climbs; uses buttons and/or zippers; traces, draws, and uses scissors; and uses good health and safety skills (i.e. washes hands, etc.)    

How will we teach the seven domains?
Whole and small groups are the ways that we implement instruction.   First we start with whole group instruction, then we break into small groups.  Small group instruction is most effective because the teacher works with each student and can better see how the student is grasping each skill being taught.  Small group instruction is an essential part of our day.

The units that are provided in the curriculum focus completely on the seven domains, meaning that each lesson provides opportunities to explore, play and learn together.

Preschool education is a great way to promote social skills in our early learners.  From my own experiences in teaching, children who are able to get along in a group, listen to and follow directions and can solve problems will be able to function in their formal education.   That being said…. 

We look forward to meeting you and your preschooler!