Purposeful Play Leads to School Readiness

Welcome to pre-k four. This is the age where your child is very social. They are beginning to make best friends and the social event of the year is their birthday party and everyone is invited.

In pre-k four we are learning so very much! It is not just about learning to share and be kind, while that is a big part of being in pre-k four, but we are also learning how to listen and follow 3 and 4 step directions. In our class, our little ones are learning to unpack themselves as they enter the school building. They are also learning to recognize and print their names.

Alphabet knowledge is so very important and preschoolers are so eager to learn to recognize and name the letters. We are doing just that in our classroom. Through the various learning centers in our classroom, the children are able to learn to recognize letters, know their sounds, names objects that begin with the letters of the alphabet and print the letters.

We have math stations in our classroom and our students are able to work in the centers using manipulatives to help build skills such as, numbers and counting, patterning, graphing, one to one, subitizing and sorting. These are skills that are essential to help preschoolers learn to solve problems.

Preschoolers learn best by doing. Our method is all hands on learning and so when children are engaged and happy more than likely they will retain what they are learning.



Your preschooler is learning math through games and by using manipulatives on a daily basis. They visit math centers and practice skills such as, counting and creating sets, patterning, graphing, sorting and so much more. The best thing is they are learning and having fun doing so.



Your preschooler visits literacy centers everyday. In literacy centers, your preschooler learns about the letters of the alphabet, and the alphabetic principle. Here we also learn to print the letters and learn more about letter sounds. All of this is done through hands on learning and by using manipulatives.

Pre-K Four Class Schedule

Pre-k four class schedule