Forms for Parental Convenience

Once your child is enrolled in Wise Early Learning Center, you will need to have certain forms pertaining to your child’s health and well being on file.  You will also need to have other types of forms on file such as permission slips and so forth.  You will find those form right here!  Just click, download and print!

Immunization Forms:  These forms must be filled out by your pediatrician and stamped by the pediatrician’s office.  We will have these form for you on registration day, but you may want to print them and have them competed for registration.

Health Inventory: is not the same as the immunization form.  This form is the physical.  All children must have a physical before entering school.

  1. Parent fills out the first page.
  2. Pediatrician fills out the second page.
  3. Form must be stamped by pediatrician’s office.
  4. This form must be turned in by the first day of school.

Medicine Administration Form:  This form must be turned in before we can administer any form of medicine to your child.  This includes prescriptions and over the counter medicines such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl etc…

  1. All medicines must be in the original prescription bottle.
  2. The medicine administration form must be signed and stamped by the pediatrician and the parents and must accompany the prescription to school with the parent.
  3. Medicines of any kind may not be given to a child to hand over to the teacher and must be given to staff by the parent or guardian ONLY! DO NOT PUT MEDICINES IN A CHILD’S BOOKBAG!

Emergency Card, Field Trip Policy and Media Permission Forms: must be filled out by the first day of school.  The emergency card is the information that will enable us to get in touch with you in an emergency.  These forms will be update yearly.

Parent Portal for Scholarships (formally known vouchers)

We can print these forms for you at Wise ELC anytime you need them but this page is for your convenience so we hope that it is helpful to you.  These forms will also be in your registration packet.  Currently enrolled students will not need to resubmit these forms.


Any questions, contact Heather at:

Health Forms (Must be stamped by a Physicians Office)

Media Permission Form

Field Trip Policy Form

Pre-K Supply List