Our Philosophy (The Wise Way)

We believe that each child is…


Children come to us from many different backgrounds and experiences. They come with diverse strengths/needs, likes/dislikes, hope/fears. They deserve a differentiated and multiple–intelligence rich educational experience. ​


Learning should take place in an active, fun and consistent setting. Students deserve hands on learning experiences that will prepare them academically and socially for the twenty-first century.​


Being able to get along, make friends, use words to communicate with one another is as important as learning to read and do math. When a child can be a friend and learn to help others he/she is capable of doing anything.

We believe in the teacher as…


As teachers we are role models for many important behaviors and attitudes. Excitement towards learning and a safe, respectful classroom environment starts with our positive attitudes and actions.

​It is our duty and pleasure to create a classroom environment, plan lessons, and to design supports to facilitate children’s learning. We create a safe place and scaffold students as they explore, ask questions, grow and succeed!


As teachers we are blessed to partner with both parents and students. Open, clear and frequent communication is key to a successful year for all involved.


One of the things we love most about teaching is that we are constantly exposed to new ideas and situations, requiring us to re-evaluate our beliefs in education and explore new resources. Professional development is one of our top priorities so that we can successfully serve our school community.

We believe in Guidance, not punishment